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fine Leather Floggers, Nylon Floggers and Wooden Handle Floggers. Distinctive handcrafted floggers featuring intricate kangaroo plaited handles.

Here at Essentia Floggers only the finest quality materials are used to handcraft your Flogger orders....

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Using 1st Grade vegetable tanned Kangaroo Hide imported from Australia, and hand selected by us, a range of hides from some of our finest UK Leather Merchants. With the addition of Nylon Floggers, these are plaited using branded Type I, Type II, Type III & Type IV Nylon Cord. For our Wooden Handle Floggers, the finest local, national, International hardwoods are used.

Each item is custom made to suit the individual client, but on occasion you may find something in stock in the ''off the shelf'' link below.


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